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Thanks for purchasing Lifestreams Media films: ABOUT MIRACLES, SINGLE CREEK and/or WHEN MOURNING BREAKS (the “Films”) in physical formats (DVD) and/or digital formats (Video-on-demand). The use licenses provided are as follows:

You agree to use the physical or digital media purchased on this site for personal, home use only. No copies of the media may be made, distributed or broadcasted without the express written consent of Lifestreams Media, Inc.

The Public Screening License offers your organization a simple, effective, and legal way to exhibit the Films to your church members and community. Unauthorized public showings of the Films violates U.S. copyright law and blanket licensing, such as that provided by CVLI, does not include the Films.

Standard Terms and Conditions of the Site License:

1. Licensee shall receive one Public Screening License for each title purchased and for unlimited use at a single site.

2. Licensee shall conduct all showings of the Films only at its own facilities or at facilities procured by Licensee for showings in its community.

3. Licensee shall not sell, rent or loan the Films to any third party and shall secure its possession the DVD to reasonably prevent it from being misappropriated, misused or unlawfully copied.

4. Licensee shall not edit or duplicate the Films in any way.

5. Licensee shall not conduct any television or Internet transmission or other exhibition of the Films or permit any third party to do so.

6. Licensee may reproduce and use the promotional materials to advertise and promote showings of the Films; however, Licensee shall not make changes to the artwork provided on the promotional materials, other than to add the Licensee’s identity and contact information, and the locations, dates and times of showings of the Films.

The Public Screening License is multi-use in perpetuity (for each title purchased that includes this license) and covers your institution’s liability from copyright infringement for using the Films, study/discussion guides and promo posters to use for classroom sessions, programs or other purposes.


We always try to ship physical items in a timely fashion, typically in less than two (2) business days from the day of your order.  In some cases, you may receive shipments from our distribution partners if we are out of stock in our office.  If you have received the wrong physical items in your order on this website or if any items are damaged or defective, you may return the products within 30 days of receipt of your package(s) for a full refund to: Lifestreams Media, PO Box 608513, Orlando, FL 32860-8513. Please reference “Attn: RETURNS” on the package.

Note that Video on Demand purchases are subject to the delivery and return policies of our digital platform affiliates.  Please review their specific policies if you have any questions or concerns.

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