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About Us – Stories Can Change the World

In 2005, a group of volunteers launched a talk radio show for young adults called Hope on Fire. Soon afterward, a television version launched on various networks.  Chris Lang was a volunteer host and producer on the program for several seasons. Although he had a business management background with an MBA and CPA, his love of the Bible and media production ultimately led him to form Lifestreams Media and enter full-time ministry.

We believe that story telling has the potential to change the world. After all, Jesus Himself never spoke publicly without telling stories (Matthew 13:34). For this reason, Lifestreams Media began producing documentary films, releasing Single Creek in 2011. In January, 2013, we released When Mourning Breaks and a new version of Single Creek. Our third film, About Miracles won multiple awards in 2014.  Just six months after its 2017 release, Beware Of Angels hit the top 20 (out of nearly 600 films managed by our distributor).  Associate Producers included Omar Torres (About Miracles), Randy Magray (Single Creek), Kevin Shearer (When Mourning Breaks), Wayne and Kellie Shaw (Beware of Angels).  All of our films are broadcast on various TV networks worldwide and digital platforms such as Amazon Prime, Google Play and

Our next film Charmed by Darkness, is projected for release fall, 2018.

Chris Lang (Producer/Director)

Chris Lang (Producer/Director)

Associate Producer & Customer Service

Kevin Shearer (Associate Producer)

Jared Thurmon (Strategic Planning)

Jared Thurmon (Strategic Planning)









OUR MISSION: To meet people where they are. To present the love of Christ and the power of the gospel through the stories told in our programs. Will you join us in our mission? Thanks for your prayers and tax-deductible gift.

Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Derek Morris – President, Hope Channel; Bestselling author and worldwide TV speaker
  • Randall Walters – Small business owner, accomplished athlete and committed follower of Christ
  • Chris Lang – Founder of Lifestreams Media

Accountability Board Members:

  • Mark Bond – Communications Director, Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
  • Jon D’Avanzo – Business owner, family man and supporter of several media ministries
  • Jared Thurmon – Co-Founder of The Beehive, an organization devoted to creating innovative resources for urban missions

Broadcast Advisors

  • John De Armas – Former Sr. Executive, DirecTV
  • David Barosoain – Programs Director, FM 90.1 WABE, Atlanta
  • Dany Hernandez – Senior Pastor, Lifesource Adventist Fellowship

TV Interview (Fall, 2016)

Film Production Behind-the-Scenes